Cascoly Books: Mountain Climbing

Cascoly Books - Mountain Climbing


  • Tilman : Eight Sailing/Mountain-Exploration books, omnibus volumes
  • Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow - The Dark Side of Extreme Adventure Maria Coffey
  • Gilgit Game - John Keay
  • When Men & Mountains Meet - John Keay 
  • Bonington, Chris, "Everest, the Hard Way" 
  • Gillette, Ned & Jan Reynolds, Everest Grand Circle
  •  Hornbein, Thomas, Everest: The West Ridge
  •  Hunt, Sir John, "The Conquest of Everest"
  • Company - Who is the third?
  •  Tilman, H.W., "Everest 1938
  •  Bonington, Chris, "Annapurna South Face"
  •  Herzog, Maurice, "Annapurna"
  •  Dingle, Graeme & Peter Hillary, "First Across the Roof of the World"
  • The Ascent of Rum Doodle - a classic spoof of the climbing expedition genre - hilarious journal of the attempt to climb the world's highest peak, beset by the worst cook in the world.
  • Escape from Kathmandu
  • Antarctica - Kim Stanley Robinson - [journal 10/12/2006] Reading this book as we approached Antarctica on our cruise, Robinson's done it again - his geology is rock solid, [only John McPhee can write so captivatingly about plate tectonics ] so much so, that once again, I started thinking of his fictional Antarctica as the real thing. As we drove thru the Beech tree forests of Tierra del Fuego, it conjured his images of a former Antarctica covered with hardy Beech forest, to be re-discovered as fossilized beech leaf mats by Robinson's scientists.

    Elegantly weaving in Antarctic history, Robinson's story proceeds on multiple lines, with the modern day plotlines paralleling the explorers. The science is least fictional of any of his works, but the climbing and trekking scenes are riveting; the crevasse scenes are white knuckle memory time for anyone who's ever traversed a glacier, even though his mountaineers have tracking toys we never dreamed of.  

  • CIA World Factbook for Nepal

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