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Cascoly Books - John Keay

Books by John Keay - reliably, you can get any Keay book and be entertained by his writing and informed by his research. I've been reading his books for over 25 years, having discovered first his stories of the exploration during the time of the Great Game.
  • One of my most recent reads, this turns out to be the one best  recommended as a must read --Into India was written 30 years ago, and has not changed much in its reprintings.  It's simply the best introduction you can find to India - the land, culture and people. Organized geographically, each chapter purports to describe an area such as 'North'  or 'Central' India, but Keay skillfully combines local descriptions with a more general discourse.  Thus a discussion of a local Jain community leads to a history of the sect.  Religion, culture and history are presented in parallel, and combine to create a multidimensional view.
  • India - a History - It's taken 30 years, but Keay has finally done it, providing in one volume a readable account of the many societies, conquerors and peoples that created India.
  • Discovering India -- A history of the discovery of Indian art by the west during the 18th & 19th centuries
  • The Honourable Company -- A history of the British East India Company
  • Gilgit Game and When Men & Mountains Meet -these 2 books tell the story of the explorations during the Great Game between Russia and England for control of Afghanistan
  • The Great Arc - the story of the triangulation survey of India in the 19th century

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