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Cascoly Books - Napoleon

=================== Russia Against Napoleon: The True Story of the Campaigns of War and Peace [Hardcover] Dominic Lieven (Author) A major new history of the Russian conflict immortalized by Tolstoy in War and Peace Russia's expulsion of Napoleon's Grande Armée in 1812 is considered one of the most dramatic events in European history. However, Tolstoyan myth and an imbalance of British and French interpretations have clouded most Westerners' understanding of Russia's role in the defeat of Napoleon. Based on a fresh examination of Russian military archives, Russia Against Napoleon provides the first-ever history of the period told from the Russian perspective. In Dominic Lieven's account, Russia's victory in 1812 was just the beginning of what would be the longest military campaign in European history, marked by Russia's epic efforts to feed and supply half a million troops as they crossed an entire continent. Moving from the 1807 treaty signed by Napoleon and Tsar Alexander I through the Russian army's improbable entry into Paris in 1814, Lieven provides suspenseful accounts of events, such as the burning of Moscow and the great battles of Leipzig and Borodino, as well as astute analyses of the great military strategists of the time. The result is a magisterial work sure to be eagerly anticipated by military and history buffs alike.

======================= Napoleon's Wars: An International History, 1803-1815 [Hardcover] Charles Esdaile (Author) No military figure in history has been quite as polarizing as Napoleon Bonaparte. Was he a monster, driven by an endless, ruinous quest for military glory? Or a social and political visionary brought down by petty, reactionary kings of Europe? In the most definitive account to date, respected historian Charles Esdaile argues that the chief motivating factor for Napoleon was his insatiable desire for fame. More than a myth-busting portrait of Napoleon, however, this volume offers a panoramic view of the armed conflicts that spread so quickly out of revolutionary France to countries as remote as Sweden and Egypt. Napoleon's Wars seeks to answer the question, What was it that made the countries of Europe fight one another for so long and with such devastating results? Esdaile portrays the European battles as the consequence of rulers who were willing to take the immense risks of either fighting or supporting Napoleon-risks that resulted in the extinction of entire countries. This is history writing equal to its subject-grand and ambitious.

  • Napoleon's Wars Fascinating new approach to this period
  • The Bloody Crucible of Courage: Fighting Methods and Combat Experience of the Civil War [contempory tactical analysis
  • The Mask of Command John Keegan [Waterloo]
  • The Price of Admiralty : The Evolution of Naval Warfare John Keegan  [Trafalgar]
  • Russia at War
  • David Chandler's Campaigns of Napoleon remains the best single volume study of Napoleon's strategies, equivalent to Freeman's Lee's Lieutenants for the Civil War


Fiction of the Napoleonic Era

Bernard Cornwell -  The Sharpe series gives a landsman's view of the Napoleonic war (along with battle of Trafalgar which can stand with the best of O'Brian).  These books trace the adventures of light infantryman Richard Sharpe in Portugal, Spain and France 1805-1815.

Patrick O'Brian, Julian Stockwin & other naval - nautical fiction

Susan Sontag - The Volcano Lover


Atlas for Wars of Napoleon cover

A must have companion book for any serious study

Napoleon's Lost Fleet: Bonaparte, Nelson & the Battle of the Nile cover

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