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Background & analysis

  • Eric Foner

    • Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men: The Ideology of the Republican Party before the Civil War A significant reevaluation of the causes of the Civil War, Foner's study looks beyond the North's opposition to slavery and its emphasis upon preserving the Union to determine the broader grounds of its willingness to undertake a war against the South in 1861.
    • Reconstruction: America&'s Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877 From Publishers Weekly: With the Confederacy's defeat, Reconstruction seemed like the dawn of a new era to blacks and progressive whites, but it was not to be. "This invaluable, definitive history re-creates the post-Civil War period as a pivotal drama in which ordinary people get equal billing with politicians and wheelers and dealers," praised PW .
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    • The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American SlaveryA From Publishers Weekly: A mixture of visionary progressivism and repugnant racism, Abraham Lincoln's attitude toward slavery is the most troubling aspect of his public life, one that gets a probing assessment in this study. Columbia historian and Bancroft Prize winner Foner (Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men) traces the complexities of Lincoln's evolving ideas about slavery and African-Americans
  • McPherson's Battle Cry of Freedom - best single volume history of the civil war
  • Kevin Philips – The Cousins’ Wars – Moving from the English Civil War through the American Revolution to the American Civil War Philips traces the political and religious threads that unify and distinguish these conflicts.

    Interactive Online Historical Timelines

  • Download image collection of civil war leaders

    Civil War battle Collection
    We have hundreds of historical maps, including maps of the Civil War states and old US maps. Vintage and old US maps are our specialty.
    Map - 1961 - Battlefields of the Civil War
    Map - 1961 - Battlefields of the Civil War
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    Original, paper wallmaps from National Geographic
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    Map - 1953 - Historical Map of the United States
    Map - 1953 - Historical Map of the United States
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    Original, paper wallmaps from National Geographic
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    Map - 2005 - Battles of the Civil War
    Map - 2005 - Battles of the Civil War
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    Original, paper wallmaps from National Geographic
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    Military History

    The Bloody Crucible of Courage: Fighting Methods and Combat Experience of the Civil War by Brent Nosworthy

    cover The Soul of Battle : From Ancient Times to the Present Day, How Three Great Liberators Vanquished Tyranny --
    The foragers became the beau ideal of partisan troops. Their self-confidence and daring increased to a wonderful pitch, and no organized line of skirmishers could so quickly clear the head of column of the opposing cavalry of the enemy. Nothing short of an entrenched line of battle could stop them, and when they were far scattered on the flank, plying their vocation, if a body of hostile cavalry approached, a singular sight was to be seen. Here and there, from barn, from granary and smokehouse, and from the kitchen gardens of the plantations, isolated foragers would hasten by converging lines, driving before them the laden mule heaped high with vegetables, smoked bacon, fresh meat and poultry. As soon as two or three of these met, one would drive the animals, and the others, from fence corners or behind trees would begin a bold skirmish, their Springfield rifles giving them the advantage in range over the carbines of the horsemen. As they were pressed they would continue falling back and assembling, the regimental platoons falling in beside each other till their line of fire would become too hot for their opponents, and these would retire reporting that they had driven in the skirmishers upon the main column which was probably miles away. The work of foraging would then be resumed.

    Soul of Battle’s theme is “Never in human conflict have such vast democratic infantry forces appeared out of nowhere, wrought such havoc and then dispersed among the consensual culture that fielded them.”  The focus is on Epaminondas of Thebes and his campaigns which destroyed Sparta; Sherman’s March to the Sea and march through the Carolinas in 1864-65, and Patton’s Third Army campaigns from Normandy to Czechoslovakia in 1944-45. Jumping back and forth while discussing each leader in historical context, Hanson shows that these seemingly different men are very similar.  Click for the rest of the review....

  • Lee's Lieutenants : A Study in Command Douglas Southall Freeman
  • Atlas for the American Civil War
  • West Point Atlas of American Wars

    Individual Battles:

  • The Gettysburg Campaign: A Study in Command - Edwin B Coddington

  • Two Great Rebel Armies : An Essay in Confederate Military History Author: Richard M. McMurry -- Why was the Confederate army of Northern Virginia more successful than the army of Tennessee? Talk among yourselves....
  • Perilous Times - Free Speech in Wartime

  • Civil War Trivia and Fact Book
  • The Complete Book of Confederate Trivia


    Civil War Trilogy - Michael & Jeff Shaara

  • Gods & Generals
  • Killer Angels (Gettysburg)
  • The Last Full Measure
  • Unto This Hour - Tom Wicker [2nd Manassas
  • Gettysburg - Gingrich & Forstchen

    Starbuck chronicles   - Bernard Cornwell

  • Wealth & Democracy

  • Consumer price index 1790-1960  vividly portrays the cycles of inflation and depression in American history
  • Consumer price index 1790-1990  how little we've been aware of the incredible and unprecedented  inflation of the late 20th century

  • More Civil War
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