'-------------------------------------------------- Cascoly Books: West Point Atlas of American Wars

Cascoly Books - West Point Atlas of American Wars

West Point Atlas of American Wars -- Chief Editor: Brigadier General Vincent J. Esposito,. With an introductory letter by DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, from the White House, dated April 22, 1959. This is a 2 volume set of details and strategic maps concerning the various military conflicts that the United States has been involved with from 1689-1953. A wonderful find for the serious military enthusiast or war game player. 

Volume I:

  • Colonial Wars  
  • The Revolutionary War  
  • The War of 1812  
  • The Mexican War  1846
  • The American Civil War  
  • The Spanish-American War

    Volume II:  

  • World War I  
  • World War II  
  • The Korean War

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