Nemrut Dag

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Nemrut (or Nemrud) Dag is a 2,134 m (7,000 ft) high mountain in southeastern Turkey, notable for the summit where a number of large statues are erected around what legend says is a royal tomb from the 1st century BCE.

When the Seleucid Empire was defeated by the Romans in 190 BCE at the Battle of Magnesia it began to fall apart and new kingdoms were established on its territory by local authorities. Commagene was one of the Seleucid successor states, holding land between the Taurus mountains and the Euphrates. The state of Commagene had a wide range of cultures. Its leader Antiochus I (62 - 38 BCE) instituted peculiar dynastic religious program, which included not only Greek and Persian deities but Antiochus and his family as well. This religious program was likely an attempt of Antiochus to unify his multiethnic kingdom and secure his dynasty's authority

zeus and antiochus nemrut dag

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