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Turkey: Sardis, Hieropolis and Pamukkale

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    Journal entry: 19 Sep Wednesday --> Pamukkale  9 am start, after driving thru cotton fields, eventually reach Sardis, the ancient Lydian capital from 680-547 BC. It was then captured by the Persians who made it the capital of Asia Minor. Lots of tumuli in surrounding hills, some real, some false to deter grave robbers. Croesus was the last king of this rich area. Impressive ruins, large entrance gate, remains of a 3rd century synagogue and Byzantine shops.

    Lunch in town, Odun Kofte, excellent lamb ground and cooked on skewers, yogurt, grilled whole tomatoes, grilled peppers.  Arrive in Pamukkale around 3 or so, time to relax around the pool. 

    Around 6 we went for a tour of Hierapolis,

    then walked along top of the travertine terraces to watch the sunset.  Disappointing, since there was a lot of smog (from the cement factories down the valley). 

    Progress! All the hotels and other developments have been removed from the top last year, partly for environmental reasons.  Gives much more open and scenic impression.  The main hotel has also been closed, leaving just a few changing rooms, and the only swimming pool left on top.

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