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Trekking, hiking and adventure travel in Turkey. We explore Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, Ottoman and Urartian castles, fortresses, and ancient cities, bustling markets, sacred sites including Van, Urfa, Nemrut Dag and Cappadocia. We'll hike along Alexander's route through Lycia, sail in a gulet along the Turquoise Coast, and visit fascinating museums displaying wonders from 4 millennia. A sense of adventure is required - many of these areas are not visited very often.  We work directly with trekking agencies in Turkey to provide a wide variety of experiences.

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We can set up custom tours for you - either escorted or independent. Most tours involve light walking tours of archaeological sites and cities. Some trips also include additional light walking, biking or moderate day hikes. (For those not interested in hiking, we can usually provide alternative activities.) The tours are designed to explore areas with multi-night stays in 3-4 star hotels or Heritage and other Special class hotels wherever possible. 


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 Escorted Tours in Turkey

These  4 distinct segments can  be combined to form trips of from 1 to 5 weeks. You may sign up for any combination of segments, or we can develop a customized itinerary for you before or after any segment.

 Map of Cascoly Escorted Turkey Tours 

Istanbul based short tours
8 Days Classical tour of Western Turkey.
Walking & Sailing Through History - Western Turkey
Fairy Chimneys & Underground Cities - 8 Days Light Walking in Cappadocia
Eastern Turkey

These tours are further samples of itineraries we've prepared-
21 Days in Turkey & Greece with 6 day Greek Islands cruise
16 Days in Turkey & Greece with 4 day Greek Islands cruise
Best of Turkey - 9 Day Highlights of Turkey  

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