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    Crafts Ahmadabad, Gujarat – taking the earlier of 2 daily tours.  One of the best museums we’ve found – covering all aspects of textile design and production.  Excellent displays showing how various weaves are done. 

    In the 16th-18th centuries, Europe was an importer of finished goods from India.  Significantly, the earlier work is the more elaborate and complex.  For export, the Portuguese contracted for elaborate embroideries, while later the East India Company moved to block printing.  One room of the museum  is rigged to resemble part of a Mogul tent camp, with both actual remains, and reconstructions.  Mogul tents, all woven [why is there a tent for Ganges water in a mogul (muslim) camp].  

    There’s a separate tent for partaking of the paan leaf, an artillery tent, along with the tents for cooking, the harem. 

    A museum not to be missed. 

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