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Previously known more for excellent cyberpunk SciFi, he's also written great historical fiction -- intelligent, complex and captivating

Cryptonomicon  WWII submarine thriller with modern day techno-adventure - Not pure SciFi, but an excellent blend of historical fiction and cyberpunk -- Nazi subs, filled with gold, unbreakable codes, and enough paranoia and conspiracy to keep you reading and wishing the book was even longer!

Snow Crash

The Diamond Age  - most consistent- plotting holds up unlike Crash which falls into standard search and chase by halfway thru. His nanotech ideas are ingenious and provoking - and, on a larger scale, how do societies rework themselves when there's no difference in price between diamonds and glass, and material things in general are available at a standard cost. Much of the book takes place in Shanghai

Baroque Cycle Volume 1:Quicksilver

Neal Stephenson's Baroque Triology  is a magnificent journey through 17th century Europe - politics, and especially economics are major subjects, as the characters learn and adapt to the evolving capitalist system of venture and stock markets.

Publisher's preview:
In this wonderfully inventive follow-up to his bestseller Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson brings to life a cast of unforgettable characters in a time of breathtaking genius and discovery, men and women whose exploits defined an age known as the Baroque.

Daniel Waterhouse possesses a brilliant scientific mind -- and yet knows that his genius is dwarfed by that of his friends Isaac Newton, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, and Robert Hooke. He rejects the arcane tradition of alchemy, even as it is giving birth to new ways of understanding the world.

Jack Shaftoe began his life as a London street urchin and is now a reckless wanderer in search of great fortune. The intrepid exploits of Half-Cocked Jack, King of the Vagabonds, are quickly becoming the stuff of legend throughout Europe.

Eliza is a young woman whose ingenuity is all that keeps her alive after being set adrift from the Turkish harem in which she has been imprisoned since she was a child.

Daniel, Jack, and Eliza will traverse a landscape populated by mad alchemists, Barbary pirates, and bawdy courtiers, as well as historical figures including Samuel Pepys, Ben Franklin, and other great minds of the age. Traveling from the infant American colonies to the Tower of London to the glittering courts of Louis XIV, and all manner of places in between, this magnificent historical epic brings to vivid life a time like no other, and establishes its author as one of the preeminent talents of our own age.

Baroque Cycle Volume 2: Confusion


Not quite up on the Campaigns of Louis XIV or William of Orange?
The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare : Renaissance to Revolution, 1492-1792

Baroque Cycle Volume 3: The System of the World

How the Renaissance influenced the scientific revolution  


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