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Cascoly Books - Scientific Metaphors

Science can be an insight or a plague, especially when new scientific ideas are hastily absorbed by society. Darwin's scientific theory of natural struggle was grossly distorted by Spencer and others into Social Darwinism , which retained the shock but not the science of this new idea.

Gödel’s incompleteness theorem also describes Isaiah Berlin's concepts of the essential tensions between liberty and equality  – no society can produce a perfect way, but must at best balance its approach to these conflicting goals – out goes the enlightenment goal of scientific perfection [John Stuart Mills, Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarianism, Hilbert's final problems] which led indirectly to the scientific syntheses of fascism and rogue capitalism. Instead, a society needs to recognize the impossibility and better define the goals it would aspire to, and look at the various combinations that might enable it.

Modern ideas can make ancient ones seem new, as in the Radicalism of the American Revolution.

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