Cascoly Books: Radicalism of the American Revolution

Cascoly Books - Radicalism of the American Revolution

  • Like an earthquake that turns solid ground to jello, Wood tosses out idea after idea that turn established concepts into shambles
  • Original revolutionaries were not ready for democracy – and individuals voting rather than rule by an inspired and moneyed class
  • Americans as entrepreneurs par excellence – where other countries trade was tolerated here it was worshipped
  • Thought public servants should be wealthy enough not to need a salary. e.g., Ben Franklin – self-made, but retired by 42 and one of the richest of the founders
  • Religion as binder to society – 2nd great awakening [but consider too that Aaron Burr, who tired to split the new nation, was Jonathan Edwards' grandson]
  • Destruction of aristocracy left people without connections – leading to voluntary orgs & interest societies – leading to factions and quickly first modern political parties [despite Madison’s Federalist Paper #10 which argued against faction and party]

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    American Revolution
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