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The Punic Wars by Adrian Goldsworthy

Great combination of analysis of tactical detail of Roman and Carthaginian land and naval tactics combined with an impressive command of the strategic landscape across the 3 Punic Wars covering over 200 years. This was the time Rome expanded from its status as a a powerful city state to begin its empire. The individual battles are finely detailed, yet the overall picture isn't lost. This is especially important since these events took place on land and sea with dozens of armies contending in some of the largest battles in the ancient world.

Fergus Millar - Roman Near East Chronicle of the Roman Emperors

Masters of Ancient Strategy - David Victor Hanson


Steven Saylor's mystery tales of Gordianus the Finder fill in the grittier details of Rome in the days of Cicero, Pompey, Caesar and Spartacus.Excellently researched, often based on actual court documents of the time, Gordianus is not just a Sam Spade in a toga, but a Roman master of the seamier side of the Republic. Read these in concert with the Masters of Rome series

Gore Vidal's Julian holds up to a re-reading, 40 years later.  

Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series of novels is the best re-creation of Roman times I've found.


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