Cascoly Books: Julius Caesar

Cascoly Books - Julius Caesar

Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series of novels is the best re-creation of Roman times I've found. The only comparable books are Graves' Claudius books. Filled with intrigue, and complex plots, these books are page turners of the best sort. Even the complexities of Roman names and the intricacies of the Republican government become clear, as you follow the decline of the Roman Republic from the glories of Marius to the dictatorship of Sulla, the revolt of Spartacus, and the eventual rise and competition between Caesar and Pompey.

  • The First Man in Rome
  • The Grass Crown
  • Fortune's Favorites
  • Caesar's Women
  • Caesar: A Novel
  • The October Horse

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    Steven Saylor's mystery tales of Gordianus the Finder fill in the grittier details of Rome in the days of Cicero, Pompey, Caesar and Spartacus.