Cascoly Books: Ancient History - Near East

Cascoly Books - Ancient History - Near East

Book reviews about Ancient History of the Near East - Hittites, Babylonians, early Greeks and Troy, Bible lands

  • History of Byzantium - John Julius Norwich

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  • Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire - Edward Luttwak
  • Kingdom of the Hittites - Trevor Bryce a fascinating narrative of Hittite history and culture, using the latest research.
  • The Peoples of the Hills - Ancient Ararat and Caucasus Charles Burney, David Marshall Long - covers the history and civilization of eastern Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and the Caucasus, from ancient times to the Mongol invasions in the 13th century.
  • War in the Holy Land: From Megiddo to the West Bank
  • The Middle East - A brief History of the Last 2,000 Years - Bernard Lewis- From Beginning his history before the rise of Christianity and Islam, Lewis seeks to illuminate the connections between the ancient Middle East and the modern region.
  • Noah's Flood
  • Masters of Ancient Strategy - David Victor Hanson
  • The Coming of the Greeks : Indo-European conquests in the Aegean and the Near East - Robert Drews - This is a fascinating look at the development of chariot warfare and an examination of early migrations across Anatolia   These accomplishments are even more impressive when you explore Eastern Turkey and see the formidable geographic challenges these people faced.   Several recent proposals (for both the Greeks, and the Israelites) is that mythical ancestral migrations\ were actually later retellings of the making of nations from people who were already living in those areas.  This book takes a look at the latest evidence.
  • In Search of the Trojan War Exploring the site of Troy is a fascinating experience.  It's one of the better preserved and authenticated ancient sites in the world, and is well displayed.  Wood's excellent book gives historical and archaeological background to the site. It's based on the PBS TV series
  • Archaeological History of the Ancient Middle East- Jack Finegan
  • Archaeological History of the Ancient Middle East - Jack Finegan
  • The Birth of Christianity: Discovering What Happened in the Years Immediately After the Execution of Jesus - Dominic Crossan
  • Holy War- Karen Armstrong
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