Cascoly Books: Ancient History - Greece

Cascoly Books - Ancient History - Greece

Soul of Battle : From Ancient Times >to Present Day

Soul of Battle -- Never in human conflict have such vast democratic infantry forces appeared out of nowhere, wrought such havoc and then dispersed among the consensual culture that fielded them."

The focus is on Epaminondas  of Thebes and his campaigns which destroyed Sparta; Sherman’s March to the Sea and march through the Carolinas in 1864-65, and Patton’s Third Army campaigns from Normandy to Czechoslovakia in 1944-45. Jumping back and forth while discussing each leader in historical context, Hanson shows that these seemingly different men are very similar. Click for the rest of the review....

I F Stone - The Trial of Socrates places the writings of Plato in the context of  Plato's and Socrates' support for oligarchy rather than democracy

Carnage and Culture 

Alexander the Great

Masters of Ancient Strategy- David Victor Hanson

The Coming of the Greeks : Indo-European. This is a fascinating look at the development of chariot warfare and an examination of early migrations across Anatolia. These accomplishments are even more impressive when you explore Eastern Turkey and see the formidable geographic challenges these people faced.   Several recent proposals (for both the Greeks, and the Israelites) is that mythical ancestral migrations were actually later retellings of the making of nations from people who were already living in those areas.  This book takes a look at the latest evidence.

In Search of the Trojan War - Exploring the site of ancient Troy is a fascinating experience.  It's one of the better preserved sites, and is well displayed.  Michael Wood's excellent book gives historical and archaeological background to the site.  It's based on the PBS TV series ( available on DVD)

Peloponnesian War


Tides of War : A Novel of Alcibiades and the Peloponnesian War - Steven Pressfield  

The Afghan Campaign by Stephen Pressfield - A Macedonians account of the long war fought by Alexander's Army in Afghanistan covering the last years of Alexander's campaigns in Afghanistan, trying to quell insurgenices and tribal warfare.

The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great by Steven Pressfield

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