The Battle of Myriokephalon

The Battle of Myriokephalon, also known as Myriocephalum, was a battle between the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos and the Seljuk Turks, Sultan Kilic Arslan II, in near Denizli civril - GumL4su town on September 17, 1176. At the same time, on the contrary to agreement concluded in Denizli, Kirkagac, Bergama and Edremit the Turkmen raiders had started again to organise raids against the Byzantine. Manuel I Komnenos, the Byzantine Emperor, had been at peace with Kilic Arslan II, the Seljuk Turkish Sultan. Kilic Arslan II recommended to renewal that peace and then he send a peace treaty. Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos started military preparations for expedition against most of Turkmens who were lived Byzantion borders especially district of Eskiehir, they assaulted to direction of Denizli, Kirk4ac, Bergama and Edremit. He only aimed avert these assaults. When the Sultan Kilic Arslan II heard these military preparations and then he send an embassy to the emperor to ask for a peace treaty. Emperor Manel received the embassy with some circumstances which were stopped the Turkmens assaults, left Zunun emir of Danishmends and 5ahismah son of sultan who were took refuge in the Byzantine and the countries under controled left the Byzantine. The Sultan rejected all the proposal that aimed and destroyed the Byzantine lands up to Denizli with great cavalry force. His main target was to capture the capital city Iconium (Konya). After politic and diplomatic onsets emperor beared to lconium (Konya) with a great army consist of Pecheneg, Hungarian and Serbian forces in 1176 summer. Turkmen forces showed little but abrasive thrusts against the Byzantine army way. The Byzantine army had lost force because of the land destroyed by the Seljuks.The Byzantine marched with siege equipments, lots of supplies and heavy cars. The Seljuk army ruled by Kiln Arslan had bad arming but higher movement ability then the Byzantine army. The Byzantine army was rushed and destruct at castle of Myriokephalon in Duzbel aisle near Denizli. Most importantly Manuel's siege equipment had been captured and destroyed. Also the Seljuk Sultan was keen for peace to be restored as soon as possible; he sent an envoy, on condition that Manuel destroy his forts and evacuate the garrisons at Eskiehir (Dorylaeum) and GumL4su (Sublaeum). Manuel excited from the aisle with his army and returned the Byzantine. Manuel promised to remove his forts and armies on the frontier at Dorylaeum and Siblia. then had paid 100.000 gold. Myriokephalon had more of a psychological impact than a military impact, as it proved that the Empire could not destroy Seljuk power in central Anatolia despite the advances made during Manuel's reign. These failings caused the Byzantine to lead his forces. The empire drifted into anarchy, and it was never again in a position to mount a major offensive in the Anatolia.
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