India Recipes & Spices

2009 trip -- As we travel, we always seek out new dishes. Sometimes the ingredients are obvious, but combined in a new way. Other times we need to ask the waiter, or even go back to the kitchen to see for ourselves. These are some of the new dishes we found.  Most haven't been expanded to full recipes but are listed to give some ideas.

Indian Recipes

  • Corn Tikkis Corn tikkis are an Indian version of veggie burgers.
  • Aloo Simla Mirch - Curried Potatoes with Red Bell Pepper An easy to make curry of potatoes, tomatoes and peppers; adapted from dishes we found in eastern India. .
  • Peanut Mustard Buffalo Wings Savory peanut sauce wings spice up any meal.
  • Tandoori BBQ Chicken Not many of us have a standalone enclosed clay tandoor oven nearby, so some thought is needed to produce an Americanized version of the Indian classic tandoori chicken .

  • The recipes listed below are ideas and dishes we found on our trips in India.

    • Varanasi
      • Afghani mushrooms [excellent] curd and spices, skewered and roasted in tandoor oven
      • Dhanyia gosht [excellent spinach, coriander sauce with mutton]
    • Orissa
      • Papad masala Salsa like combo chopped onions, tomato, chili
      • Gobi pakoras dredged in masala of ginger, turmeric, chili, chana paste, then deep fried
      • Chicken curry - Ginger, cardamom, cashews, tomato. chicken fried, then cooked in sauce
      • Fish tikka or prawns tandoori - Tandoor spices, grilled or oven roasted
      • dahi baigan exc eggplant with a sauce of yogurt, ginger? Lemon grass? Mustard seeds
      • Prawns tandoori - Tandoor spices, grilled or oven roasted
    • Tirupati
      • palak kofta - kofta in spicy spinach sauce
      • paneer tikka masala thick slices of cheese, in spicy tomato sauce
      • ginger chutney
      • green vegetables in coconut sauce
    • Rajasthan
      • Mushroom makkei palak corn & mush, fried with spinach and tasty sauce
      • Baigan masala tender eggplant cooked with ginger, tomato & chili & asafedita
      • makkai capsicum corn and green peppers with light dal base
      • Kari Varutha Curry spicy chicken cooked in tomatoes and chiles, coriander
      • Papad Kozumad [??] old papads in a delicious soup need to find the recipe, similar idea tot tortilla soup
      • Coconut barfi

    2003 trip

    10/29/03 Ahmedabad - Butter chicken  

  • Palitana Egg curry hard boiled eggs, red curry with onions
  • Saag gosht - tender cooked lamb, with spinach paste<

  • Mushroom caps w spinach [2 caps, stuffed w spinach, put together, then dipped in batter & deep fried]

  • 10/22 Mushrooms achari [cooked in aromatic cashew sauce and pickling spices] Mumbai hotel

  • 10/31 Udaipur  -kashmiri kebab - chicken marinated cashews, then grilled, then dipped in eggs beaten separately and baked

  • &
  • Cardamon
    	Cardamon		Periyar	India

    Cardamon Periyar India
    [click to enlarge]

  • &
  • Vanilla beans
    	Vanilla beans		Periyar	India

    Vanilla beans Periyar India
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  • Cocoa pods
    	Cocoa pods		Periyar	India

    Cocoa pods Periyar India
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  • Tamarind
    	tamarind 			India

    tamarind India
    [click to enlarge]
    	tamarind trees			India

    tamarind trees India
    [click to enlarge]

  • Coriander
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
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