Elements of Architecture - Columns

Columns are one of the most important elements of architecture, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. They provide support for the weight of a structure, while also defining the visual style of a building or space. From ancient times to modern architecture, columns have been used in a variety of ways, from simple and functional to elaborate and ornate. Different styles of columns, such as Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, reflect the cultural and historical context of their time. Columns can also be used to create a sense of grandeur, elegance, and order in a space, making them an essential element in the design of any building. There are 3 major classical orders of ancient Greek & Roman architecture:
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  • In their original Greek version, Doric columns stood directly on the flat pavement (stylobate) of a temple without a base. They had fluted, vertical shafts. The top was a smooth capital that flared from the column to meet the horizontal beam (architrave) that they carried. The Parthenon has the Doric design columns. It was most popular in the Archaic Period (750-480 BC) in mainland Greece Doric columns Doric columns
    The major features of the Ionic order are the volutes of its capital. Below the volutes, the Ionic column may have a wide collar or banding separating the capital from the fluted shaft. The Ionic column is always more slender than the Doric: Ionic columns are eight and nine column-diameters tall Ionian columns Ionian columns
    The Corinthian order is both the last chronologically of the three classical orders, and the most ornate of the orders. Corinthian uses thin, fluted columns and elaborate capitals decorated with acanthus leaves and scrolls. Hagia Sophia (AyaSofya) is a prime example of the Corinthian, especially it's exquisitely carved capitals. Corinthian columns Corinthian columns

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