Animals of Ngorongoro

Country park Name - Genus species family order link collective
Tanzania Ngorongoro African fish eagle ( Haliaeetus vocifer ) Accipitridae Accipitriformes images aerie, convocation
Tanzania Ngorongoro Black kite ( Milvus migrans ) Accipitridae Accipitriformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Cape buffalo ( Syncerus caffer ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images Herd, Troop, Gang, Obstinacy
Tanzania Ngorongoro Dik dik ( Madoqua (4 species) ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images herd
Tanzania Ngorongoro Maasai giraffe ( Giraffa tippelskirchi ) Giraffidae Artiodactyla images herd, corps, troop, tower
Tanzania Ngorongoro Grant's gazelle ( Nanger granti ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images herd
Tanzania Ngorongoro Hippopotamus ( Hippopotamus amphibius ) Hippopotamidae Artiodactyla images bloat, thunder
Tanzania Ngorongoro Thompson 's gazelle ( Eudorcas thomsonii ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images herd
Tanzania Ngorongoro Waterbuck ( Kobus ellipsiprymnus ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images herd
Tanzania Ngorongoro White bearded wildebeest ( Connochaetes taurinus ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images a confusion
Tanzania Ngorongoro Warthog ( Phacochoerus africanus ) Suidae Artiodactyla images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Leopard ( Panthera pardus ) Felidae Carnivora images leap, prowl
Tanzania Ngorongoro Lion ( Panthera leo ) Felidae Carnivora images Pride, Sault, Troop
Tanzania Ngorongoro Spotted hyaena ( Crocuta crocuta ) Hyaenidae Carnivora images pack, clan, cackle
Tanzania Ngorongoro Black-winged stilt ( Himantopus himantopus ) Recurvirostridae Charadriiformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Crowned plover ( Vanellus coronatus ) Charadriidae Charadriiformes images congregations, wing
Tanzania Ngorongoro Jacana ( Actophilornis africanus ) Jacanidae Charadriiformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Hadada ibis ( Bostrychia hagedash ) Threskiornithidae Ciconiiformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Marabou stork ( Leptoptilos crumenifer ) Ciconiidae Ciconiiformes images muster, phalanx
Tanzania Ngorongoro Grey crowned crane ( Balearica regulorum ) Gruidae Gruiformes images siege, sedge, herd
Tanzania Ngorongoro Kori bustard ( Ardeotis kori ) Otididae Gruiformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Rufous-tailed weaver ( Histurgops ruficauda ) Ploceidae Passeriformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Superb Starling ( Lamprotornis superbus ) Sturnidae Passeriformes images murmuration
Tanzania Ngorongoro Yellow weaver ( Ploceus subaureus ) Ploceidae Passeriformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Black-crowned night heron ( Nycticorax nycticorax ) Ardeidae Pelecaniformes images siege
Tanzania Ngorongoro Great white pelican ( Pelecanus onocrotalus ) Pelecanidae Pelecaniformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Burchell's Zebra ( Equus quagga burchellii ) Equidae Perissodactyla images Zeal, Crossing, Dazzle, Cohorts, Herd
Tanzania Ngorongoro Greater flamingo ( Phoenicopterus roseus ) Phoenicopteridae Phoenicopteriformes images
Tanzania Ngorongoro Olive baboon ( Papio anubis ) Cercopithecidae Primates images Troop, Flange
Tanzania Ngorongoro Sand grouse ( Pterocles (14 species) ) Pteroclidae Pterocliformes images covey, pack
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