Animals of Lake Manyara

Country park Name - Genus species family order link collective
Tanzania Lake Manyara African harrier hawk ( Polyboroides typus ) Accipitridae Accipitriformes images kettle, leash,aerie, cast
Tanzania Lake Manyara Bateleur eagle ( Terathopius ecaudatus ) Accipitridae Accipitriformes images aerie, convocation
Tanzania Lake Manyara Bushbuck ( Tragelaphus sylvaticus ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images herd
Tanzania Lake Manyara Dik dik ( Madoqua (4 species) ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images herd
Tanzania Lake Manyara Impala ( Aepyceros melampus ) Bovidae Artiodactyla images herd
Tanzania Lake Manyara Warthog ( Phacochoerus africanus ) Suidae Artiodactyla images
Tanzania Lake Manyara Silvery-cheeked hornbill ( Bycanistes brevis ) Bucerotidae Bucerotiformes images
Tanzania Lake Manyara Pied kingfisher ( Ceryle rudis ) Alcedinidae Coraciiformes ..
Tanzania Lake Manyara Grévy's zebra (Equus grevyi), ( Equus grevyi ) Equidae Perissodactyla images Zeal, Crossing, Dazzle, Cohorts, Herd
Tanzania Lake Manyara Black faced monkey ( Chlorocebus pygerythrus ) Cercopithecidae Primates images Troop, Barrel, Carload, Cartload, Tribe
Tanzania Lake Manyara Olive baboon ( Papio anubis ) Cercopithecidae Primates images Troop, Flange
Tanzania Lake Manyara African savannah elephant ( Loxodonta africana africana ) Elephantidae Proboscidea images herd, memory, parade
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