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Cascoly Symbiostock Network Co-operative

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The Symbiostock Network Co-operative lets you concentrate on photography, not programming.

Designed for photographers with smaller portfolios or those who want to test Symbiostock without investing a lot of time and effort. No need to learn web design, search engine optimization or handle the financial aspects of a self-hosted photography website. Focus on your strength creating images. (For those who do want to host their own sites, we offer a complete Symbiostock site installation service.)

When you sign up, we'll create a  basic Symbiostock website, using your customized names, logos and descriptions . Then, you just  upload and process images. We cover:

  • Wordpress installation with Symbiostock database
  • All payment collection, including customer support
  • All hosting costs
  • Basic Symbiostock website, ready for uploading your images
  • Basic set of categories (can be edited later)
  • Home page setup
  • Author setup using information you supply
  • Inclusion in the Symbiostock global search
  • Membership in the integrated Co-op search
  • Network integration and inclusion across entire Symbiostock network
  • 30 days email and website support while you upload, process and edit your images.
  • Monthly financial reports and paypal payments for accounts earning over $10
  • Buyer contact information will be forwarded to the artist.  We do not add sales from your customers to our mailing lists.
  • A monthly subscription to website statistics (A $30 annual value)
  • Access to all features of Symbiostock Analytics  for 1 year (A $10 value)
  • Complete access to the Symbiostock WP admin areas (for those who wish to use other features)

  • Choose from 2 payment plans:

    Plan A. Monthly Subscription, you receive 90% royalties on sales.

  • $30 setup fee
  • 1 - 500  images $15 / month
  • 500+ images $25 / month

    6 months payable in advance.  Subscription recalculated based on # of images at the start of each 6 month period

    Plan B: No monthly fees

  • $50 setup fee
  • 1-50 images 50% royalty paid
  • 51 - 500 images 60% royalty paid
  • 500+ images 70% royalty paid

    Royalties paid monthly when $10 is reached. Royalty rate based on number of images at time of sale.

    Additional options:


  • $20 -- Symbiostock sitemap plugin for SEO (a $15 value).  We install, create a sitemap, and submit it to Google for indexing . Once installed, Google receives your site updates automatically.

    * $60 -- Upgrade to the professional plugin for the Symbiostock theme (a $75 value)  Includes

  • Automated Twitter feeds
  • Advanced batch editor
  • Customized licenses for images (RF, RM, etc)
  • Ability to sell collections of images

    Plan A includes monthly website statistics reports (email to receive a sample).  Plan B sites can obtain  these reports for $5 a month, or a $30 annual fee.

    Other points to consider:

    Your site can be transferred to your own hosted site at any time.  Contact us for details

    Rates and fees are subject to change, but you will be grandfathered in for the rate in effect when you join.  You may cancel at any time and receive a pro-rated refund for any monthly subscription fees paid.

    You, of course, retain all copyrights to any images you upload, and you are responsible for any required model and property releases.

    This is a basic installation with default image prices, license and categories. All these are changeable by you, or we can assist. If interested or to ask additional questions, contact us.

    More about how to sell your photography.



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