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Turkey: Christian Art - Cappadocia

Cappadocia has been an important area for Christian Art for hundreds of years . The terrain is well suited to defense, with cave dwellings and underground cities easily carved from the volcanic tufa. This stone is easy to excavate, but then hardens with exposure to air. With plentiful water and hiding places, various waves of Christian emigrants and monks lived in Cappadocia, eluding various persecutors from the 6th to 14th centuries.

Derinkuyu is one of the best known of many underground cities. It is at least 8 floors deep and over 300' deep. The first floors held animals and food stores. Large circular millstones acted as locks to seal off passages. Living quarters and church were located further down.

Two main areas for Christian art are the Ihlara Valley and the Goreme Open-Air Museum.

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