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Special Egypt 2/1 tours for 2019


Why choose Cascoly Travel?

We specialize in small group tours of 6 to 12 people.  This lets us travel lightly and visit remote sites larger tours cannot.  We support local boutique and other small hotels, and  arrange meals in small restaurants emphasizing local foods.

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    Our tours include as much as possible in the price -- most meals are included, along with airport transfers, domestic travel and all admission fees. We include tips for restaurant and hotel staff


  • Contact us for pricing or with questions.  We can also create a customized tour for you -- with a guide, escorted or independent - any sized group from one to 20 or more!  Let us know when you want to travel and we can create your itinerary.

    You may pay by check, credit card or paypal.

    More information about Turkey

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    Maps of Turkey & the Middle East

    Guided Tours are our unique itineraries.  Designed as linked segments you can choose trips from 14 days to 30 or more. Most meals included.  Guaranteed departure with 6 or more. Guided tours are offered for specific dates each year.

    Day tours let you extend either our guided tours, cruises or your independent travels. These tours are a great introduction to fascinating cities.

    Package tours can be booked at any time and work great as pre- or post cruise extensions.

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