2-Sep 1 Arrival in İstanbul and transfer to hotel . short orientation  Overnight in istanbul. Istanbul
3-Sep 2 Full day in Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul
4-Sep 3 Full day in Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul
5-Sep 4 Fly to Tibilsi - Walking tour of Tiblisi Overnight in Tibilisi.    Istanbul Tbilisi
6-Sep 5 Day trip to Mtsketa Jvari monastery Overnight in Tibilisi Tbilisi Tbilisi
7-Sep 6 Depart towards Gori visiting Rabati Castle and short tour in Akhaltsikhe. Overnight in Akhaltsikhe Tbilisi Akhaltsikhe
8-Sep 7 Cross back into Turkey, then visit Savsat Castle and head to Kars. Overnight in Kars. Akhaltsikhe Kars
9-Sep 8 Ancient city of Ani walking tour; later, tour in old city of Kars. Drive to Erzurum. Overnight in Erzurum Kars/Ani Erzerum
10-Sep 9 Full day tour in Erzerum. Overnight in Erzurum Erzerum Erzerum
11-Sep 10  Drive to Urfa. Overnight in Urfa
12-Sep 11 Göbeklitepe, Harran and Old city.   Overnight in Urfa Urfa Urfa
13-Sep 12 Drive to Kahta / Adıyaman for Nemrut Mountain. Visit sites around Nemrut and sunset on Nemrut and Overnight in Kahta. Urfa Adiyaman
14-Sep 13 Drive to Gaziantep to visit the Zeugma mosaics museum, then continue to Overnight in Mersin  Adiyaman Mersin
15-Sep 14 Tour St Paul's Tarsus and the Seven Sleepers. Overnight in Mersin Mersin Mersin
16-Sep 15 Hike to Alahan monastery then drive to Anamur. Visit Mamure castle. Overnight in Alanya. Mersin Alanya
17-Sep 16 Alanya castle, then drive to Side ruins, Aspendos theatre.  Overnight in Antalya  Alanya Antalya
18-Sep 17 Morning tour/museum later flight To Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul. Antalya Istanbul 
19-Sep 18 fly home