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This recipe is copyright Steve Estvanik, Cascoly Software, 1985-2015. You may print copies for your personal use. For non-profit use, you may distribute any recipe as long as our copyright is credited and there is a link to this website: or our email: For any other use, or additional details, such as contest entries or other publication, please contact us.

As in all our travel hubs, we concentrate on places we've actually been, so an eclectic coverage reflects our particular interests and opportunities. There's no attempt to be comprehensive - that's for wikis; instead we hope to provide a more intimate and personal guide to foreign travel.

So it is with food - the following recipes were often inspired by travel, and my style has been to experiment with fusion of several cultures.

MENENIUS Note me this, good friend;
Your most grave belly was deliberate,
Not rash like his accusers, and thus answer'd:
'True is it, my incorporate friends,' quoth he,
'That I receive the general food at first,
Which you do live upon; and fit it is,
Because I am the store-house and the shop
Of the whole body: but, if you do remember,
I send it through the rivers of your blood,
Even to the court, the heart, to the seat o' the brain;
And, through the cranks and offices of man,
The strongest nerves and small inferior veins
From me receive that natural competency
Whereby they live: and though that all at once,
You, my good friends,'--this says the belly, mark me,--


'Though all at once cannot
See what I do deliver out to each,
Yet I can make my audit up, that all
From me do back receive the flour of all,
And leave me but the bran.' What say you to't?

Shakespeare -- Coriolanus Act I scene i

Need a quick recipe for what's in the 'fridge? Then check out my interactive database of hundreds of recipes, searchable by name, by cuisine [French, Asian, Latin American, Indian, American, etc] by ingredient [eggplant, beef, etc] or by spice [cilantro, ginger, cumin, oregano, etc]

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