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Europe: Bulgaria

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    Rila Monastery

    Veliko Tarnovo & Tsarevets Fortress

    Plovdiv to Etura The ethnographic complex Etura is an open-air museum showing life of a typical craftsmanship settlement from the period of Bulgarian Revival about 150 years ago. Built along a stream, you explore various uses of water technology at  the birth of the industrial revolution -- the rattle of wheels and mills moved by water, the whiz of the mills for woollen cloths and for flour.  .

    The museum contains craft workshops, water installations and other buildings. 16 houses form the crafts bazaar (the central commercial street), copies of buildings existing in the past in Gabrovo and the region. Multiple crafts are presented including bell-making (manufacturing of wrought bells for animals), pottery-making, sugar-making, furriery, manufacturing of copper vessels, baking and icon painting.

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