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China: Best Recipes from China and Asia

  • Peanut Mustard Buffalo Wings
  • Lamb eggplant with Yu Xiang Sauce
  • Chinese cooking
  • Almond Honey Chicken
  • Best Asian Salmon Recipes
  • Hunan Ginger Pepper Pork

    Recipes from our last trip to China:

    v  Beef with spicy sauce incredibly tender strips of beef (pounded to tenderize?) with black fungus, zucchini sliced thin, and onion strips, with dried red peppers and 2 star hot sauce

    v  Sour long beans with sauteed pork diced sour long beans, diced pork, dried red peppers. Chow, then add a bit of soy sauce.

    v  Lotus root with red peppers

    v  Kung pao chicken chicken or pork, peanuts, sweetener, red peppers

    v  Corn & cucumber, stir fried

    v  Thin beancurd stuffed with pork as dim sum/ two layers of thin bean curd with minced pork between them. Then light batter, and deep fried.

    v  Dried bean curd stir fried with peppers and onions and tomato

    v  Sesame seed coated french fries (After cooking dip in sesame seeds?)

    v  Honey glazed dates stuffed with rice paste

    v  Tomato soup with ginger and beef

    v  Douji Wuhan rice cakes Prepare cooked rice, and sauted mushrooms with rice wine or sherry. Scramble an egg with a little flour; fry in oil, layering rice on top, then mushrooms. When egg forms a skin (like bean curd), flip and cook a little longer.

    v  Sauteed fish (thin strips) with chiles and onion

    v  Deep fried string beans lightly dipped in batter, deep fried, then chowed with hot pepper strips.

    v  Strips of chicken, bean curd, mushrooms and chiles

    v  Eggplant sauteed in garlic and chile oil, with a bit of diced meat and mushrooms.

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  • Lamb and Eggplant with Yu-Xiang sauce A classic Szechuan Chinese dish that features garlic and ginger in large quantities. It also uses Szechuan pepper [different from other peppers, this causes a tingly, slightly numbing sensation, and enhances the flavor of spicy foods]
  • Hunan Ginger pepper Pork Spareribes The central provinces of China produce fiery and tasty dishes. The special ground szechuan peppers provide a unique taste that is only partially mimicked by ordinary black pepper.
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