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Architecture: Greek & Roman Theatres

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  • Freya Stark on Aspendos and Teremessos: The theatre stands on flat ground, like a box from which the lid has been lifted. Proud, limited and magnificent, there is a prison air about it - a difference as of death and life that one feels between the Roman and the Greek. No landscape stretches here beyond a low and unobtrusive stage, for the easy coming and going of the gods. Human experience, that moved with freedom and mystery, is here walled-in with balconies and columns; its pure transparency, the far horizon window, is lost.

    In the Greek theatre, with its simple three-doored stage and chorus undertone of sorrow, the drama of life could penetrate, without any barrier between them, the surround vastness of the dark. I have listened to the Hippolytus of Euripides in Epidaurus where the words of Artemis and Aphrodite with the mountain pines and the sunset behind them, become a limpid fear - a play no longer, but nature and all that ever has been, anguish and waste of days, speaking to men.

  • Download Royalty-free Images of Greek theatres
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