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Our specialized keyword analyses provide many ways for you to improve the quality of your keywords and track the performance of your image keywords and special promoted keywords.

Keyword Analysis

Check what keywords are being used, and how your keywords compare. Get ideas for new keywords to add, or see which keywords are not performing well.

Reports include keywords by site or overall, ordered by:

  • keyword name
  • most used keywords
  • keywords with the most views
  • number of sites using each keyword

    Plus several calculated values showing keyword uniqueness, information content or value .

    Promoted keywords are a special set of keywords you can provide in your Symbiostock Author Settings.  When the Global Symbiostock Search doesn't find enough matches in the normal network sites, it uses the promoted keywords provided by all other sites.  So you can have your resuklts disolaed on other sites even if you are not directly connected with them.

    Promoted keywords are underused by Symbiostock sites -  there are only about 2800 promoted keywords being used, out of a potential 6400! Use the reports to see which promoted keywords are most used or viewed, or to see what keywords you might want to promote

    Combined Keywords

    We collect and tally the keywords form all Symbiostock sites.  Reports let you examine the list by most views, most used to find keywords you might want to use

    Single Site detailed Analysis

    Run your site against all keywords (alphabetically or by most viewed) to see how well your site does against predicted number of views. (The predicted value is what's expected, given the number of images you have with a given keyword. It's in red if you're getting fewer views than expected, otherwise green. )

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