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Can you make money from your photography?

OK, you've launched your Symbiostock Photography site and want to promote it. Your portfolio is online and waiting for buyers to find it. Now what?

In addition to the networking options that are an essential part of the Symbiostock Wordpress theme, you can promote your site by feeding your site information into our global Symbiostock database. The external database lets potential buyers search across all Symbiostock sites . Even if they haven't found your site yet! Symbiostock creates special files containing your site, image and keyword information. We use them to promote your site by contributing to an external database. This gives an additional way for people to find the images they need, searching across the entire cooperative network. You may not benefit immediately from this exposure. But other sites will also be sending you traffic when they don't have what buyers are searching for. That's the nature of symbiosis.

Selling your photography:

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Can you make money from your photography?
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Microstock Photography Agencies

It's quick, easy and rewarding to sell your images online. Microstock photography agencies make your images available for sale and pay you royalties. Whether you've got 10 or 1000, you can find a site that handles all the selling details. You just upload your images & collect the checks!

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