Halls of Fame

Last Rev: 16 Jan 2017

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Game Dif Name Score
American Presidents3Arleen Utsinger Fitzer100%
American Presidents1reggie66%
American Presidents1terminator100%
American Presidents1David Shell100%
American Presidents3marty100%
American Presidents3pres88%
American Presidents1west66%
American Presidents1star83%
American Presidents1sasdfgh8%
American Presidents1asdfafasf83%
American Presidents2prez17%
American Presidents2prez37%
American Presidents1dsfsdhmj, 50%
American Presidents1Jan66%
American Presidents1teri v100%
American Presidents1Jack Mehoff100%
American Presidents150%
American Presidents1Mary100%
American Presidents2Jeffbo100%
American Presidents3purpleheart70100%
American Presidents2Marlene85%
American Presidents2pres45457%
American Presidents240%
American Presidents180%
American Presidents1rrrrrrrrrrrr86%
American Presidents1x100%
American Presidents1asdfgh60%
American Presidents1sarah100%
American Presidents1qergthgjkl40%
American Presidents220%
American Presidents2seatac60%
American Presidents3hist80%
American Presidentsmogul100%
American Presidentsfhj100%
American PresidentsSteven100%
American Presidentsclueless100%
American Presidentsmayogalway100%
American Presidents100%
American Presidents100%
American PresidentsGary Blisard100%
American Presidentsmike hayes100%
American PresidentsMike Noel100%
American Presidentsrevdrcindy100%
American Presidentsedd lees100%
American PresidentsDenny Blisard100%
American Presidents100%
American Presidentsdebo100%
American PresidentsKatie Loud100%

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