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Last Rev: 9 Mar 2009

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Why has the game changed?

Biggest reason is time - I didn't have any! The sequential version required an hour or more to run turns and send out emails. Even a weekly cycle of 5 turns was taking too much time for the income generated.  Spam filters also block many of the email updates from being sent, making it difficult or impossible for many players to participate. The new version runs with much less game master attention, and uses emails only for reminders and reports [that are also available online].

How has the game changed?

The biggest change is from sequential [all orders are collected and processed at one time] to real-time [most orders are executed immediately]. 

What's changed in racing?

Races now are set up whenever any player logs in, by using a few seconds of background time.  Race lineups will be viewable for betting purposes and will run about 48 hours after being set up.  Horses are selected for races based on the last time they raced based on when they last raced.

 Can players affect race scheduling?

Definitely - you'll be able to request a new race be set up for your horses.  Thus active players can ensure their horses race more often.

What's changed in the yearend update for horses?

Horses are updated whenever players access any of the game pages.  When all live horses have been updated, the year ends.  There are 6500 live horses and about 1-10 horses are updated when a player moves to a new new page.

How has breeding changed?

Currently breeding is done automatically [since so many horses are controlled by inactive players]. The game calculates the best stud available -- you can limit the selection to only your studs, or only those within your faction. Eventually you'll be able to make individual choices again.

Can I get my old position back?

;If your email has changed,  use the betatest form below to send us your new email
 If your player position has been deleted, just start a new player and let us know and we'll give  you a free upgrade.

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