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Cascoly's Ecology games are a suite of games using animals in their ecological settings.
The simplest game is EcoSolitaire, similar to the classic solitaire card games. You try to build the longest food chains, by creating ecological links. In succeeding games you try to build ecologically stable collections, using google maps to scour the world for appropriate animals.  

FOOD CHAIN - Ecosolitaire

Click to play Ecosolitaire

You start with 12 items, randomly selected.  (See Availability)  Select an item as the start of a food chain.   Click to select it and the display refreshes.   You’ll then be able to choose an animal that eats that first item.   Continue in this way until you've used as many items as possible.   (Eg,  insects are eaten by robins which are eaten by hawks which also eat mice which eat grass).  

You can click on images to get more details, but this results in a small penalty in score.  Or you can just guess.   Don’t worry too much about these penalties when you are first learning the game.

The game balances accuracy and playability.   In general, animals are described based on their potential, not their actual lifestyles.  Thus a predator that eats birds will be listing as eating all birds, not just the ones that actually live in its range.   If you disagree with our ratings, please send a challenge, and include your reasoning or a web link.  Successful challengers will receive game point bonuses.  

Note: We’re just getting started with the lists of animals and plants.  If you have ideas for additional items, send them to us – we need an image to include.  The image must either be copyright free, or otherwise available for use. (If you want to have us use your images, we’ll include links back to your site)


Buy & sell animals based on how you expect them to perform under changing ecological conditions

When biome changes, prestige decays by 10% and becomes ecos

This is an ongoing game, that lets you gain ecos for use in later games


(Greek mythology) The earth, daughter of Chaos, both mother and wife of Uranus (the sky) and Pontus (the sea).

Gaea seems to have started as a neolithic earth-mother worshipped before the Indo-European invasion that eventually lead to the Hellenistic civilization.

An ongoing multiplayer game, players start as traders, buying & selling individual animals based on biomes, as in Ecomaster.  Now, as they gain ecos, they can bid and control countries that have broader  powers

The game takes place on a google map of the world, but the countries are for easy recognition, not exact detail.

Players are randomly assigned to cults with special powers over specific biomes

  • ZEUS - mountains & foothills

  • ARTEMIS - forest & jungle

  • DEMETER plains

  • HERMES - marsh & desert



    Specific animals represent the rarer species, while some more common ones like deer, pigs represent a group of species.



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