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Air Traffic Controller is an online game in which you need to guide a number of airplanes thru your space.   Increasing difficulty brings more planes and more challenges.  

The grid shows the radar screen with active planes.  Each plane has a destination to exit your space, called a Fix.  There are also 2 airports from which planes can takeoff and land. 

Click on an airplane to change its course or elevation.  (Flying higher uses less fuel).  Once a plane is heading for its exit Fix, you can leave it alone. 

Jet altitudes are indicated by color as follows:

ground 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000

All planes must stay at least one cell away from other planes at the same altitude, otherwise a near miss or collision will occur.  Planes may also run out of fuel (you may land a plane at an airport in an emergency.)

Click on the airports to give orders for planes to take off.

Sound simple?  Give it a try...

Click to begin your shift...


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