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Cascoly Books - Cascoly Top Picks - Science Fiction


We've read hundreds of science fiction books, but a small group of authors stand out

  • China Mieville
    • Perdido Street Station
    • The Scar
    • Iron Council
    • The City and the city
  • Kim Stanley Robinson
    • Years of Rice & Salt
    • Antarctica
    • Mars Trilogy
  • Dan Simmons
    • Hyperion
    • Endymion
    • Drood
    • Terror
  • Roger Zelazny Lord of LightCreatures of Light & Darkness
    John Varley Varley's Gaea Trilogy is one of the most imaginative and dazzling works I've read
    Wizard Titan Demon
    Ray Bradbury

    The Golden Apples of the Sun and Other...


    Dandelion Wine


    The Illustrated Man


    Something Wicked This Way Comes


    Gene Wolfe

     Free Live Free


    Shadow of the Torturer  Claw of the Conciliator The Sword of the Lictor
    Soldier of the Mist



    The Devil in a Forest


    David Brin Fantastic science fiction in the hard science tradition
    Sundiver (Uplift Trilogy)

    Brightness Reef


    Glory Season


    Neal Stephenson   Baroque Cycle
    Snow Crash Cryptonomicon  -- Not pure scifi, but an excellent blend of historical fiction and cyberbpunk -- Nazi subs, filled with gold, unbreakable codes, and enough paranoia and conspiracy to keep you reading and wishing the book was even longer!
    Willliam Gibson
    Idoru Virtual Light
    Greg Bear


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