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Cascoly Books - Kenneth Roberts

I first read these classic historical novels in high school in the 60's, but now I've started re-reading them and find them competitive with the best modern historical writers. Roberts' history is solid, and his characters convincing and interesting. Some like Cap Huff and King Dick jump off the pages and are impossible to forget.

  • The Lively Lady - a novel of the war of 1812 - a solid entry in nautical fiction
  • Captain Caution
  • Rabble in Arms - the story of the greatest hero of the revolution - Benedict Arnold   Also, a nautical, if inland saga of Arnold's Fabian strategy of building a small fleet on Lake Champlain that fatally delayed Burgoyne's advance from Canada to the Hudson Valley
  • Arundel - Benedict Arnold's trek through Maine and attack on Quebec
  • Oliver Wiswell - the revolution from the Loyalist side
  • Northwest Passage - forget the treacly Spencer Tracy / Robert Young epic 'based' on this book; this novel of the French & Indian Wars is a rousing read.

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