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Wasn't it St. Anna who said, "those who forget old movies are condemned to have a minor part in the remake"? Obviously the crew who brought us Iraq never saw this film. I've been waiting for years to see this again [having been disappointed by how badly Oh What a Lovely War! was dated] and it was worth the wait. Hard to remember this was before Monty Python, before Ricky Gervais, when Richard Lester just meant a bunch of floppy mops running around London [and Robert Hardy had just a bit part]

And, yes, Mr. Ebert, I do remember Lennon on the cover of Ramparts, but it didn't dilute the films impact then or now. Watch this as an antiwar movie like All Quiet or Strangelove, or watch it as a surreal black comedy - "just put them under the taps,luv "- or just try to absorb it at all levels. It worked then [rememeber, in 1967, the NY Times, among other liberal voices, was just beginning to realize what Vietnam was doing to us. ] and it works now  thanks Netflix for making this instantly available.

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