'-------------------------------------------------- Cascoly Books: Feminism & Women Travelers

Cascoly Books - Feminism & Women Travelers

  • In Search of Islamic Feminism: One Woman's Global Journey
  • Anything by Camille Paglia
  • A Street in Marrakech
  • The Storyteller's Daughter
  • Freya Stark - Alexander's Path
  • cover Goddess Unmasked: The Rise of Neopagan Feminist Spirituality   Quite a mouthful of a title, but an excellent book debunking 'Goddess spirituality's fraudulent promises of a new age of peace and justice.   Davis "exposes the complete want of archaeological evidence for this claim, revealing the movement's nineteenth century roots in radical Romanticism" 

    girlsí education may be the single most cost-effective kind of aid work. Itís cheap, it opens minds, it gives girls new career opportunities and ways to generate cash, it leads them to have fewer children and invest more in those children, and it tends to bring women from the shadows into the formal economy and society. Itís not a panacea, of course. ...But overall, educating girls probably has a greater transformative effect on a country than anything else one can do Nicholas Kristof

    Critical Thinking

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